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Another judicial "no" to the attempt of building a hydroelectric dam on the Parana Medio river

Parana, Argentina, 27th May.- The Federal Court of Appeal of Parana city confirmed the sentence emitted weeks ago by the Federal Judge Anibal Rios who declared as "unconstitutional" the Presidential Decree 1.609/96. Through this mesure the National Executive Power with the signature of the argentinian president, Carlos Menem, authorized the performance of feasibility studies for the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Parana Medio River, as the result of a proposal made by the Northamerican Enterprise Association, Energy Developers International (EDI).

The new decision was adopted before the appeal made by the National Executive Power in the face of Doctor Rios determination. In the case that he wants to insist on his appeal he could do that only before the Supreme Court of Justice.

A legal action of protection of law and a request of unconstitutionality gave way to the claim before the mesure adopted by the argentinian President on December 1996. The presentation was made by lawyers and legislators of Entre Rios province with other citizens, mainly environmental entities members. This judicial answer was positive, giving place to the appeal and declaring "unconstitutional" the presidential decree.

The confirmation was dated on May 22nd, but it was known now. On the judicial grounds the concept of that the National Commission of Evaluation of EDI proposal -created by Menem- didnt analyse the northamerican enterpise association antecedents privails. The new judicial sentence, which adds another "No" to the attempt of damming the Parana River says that "the threaten exists as long as the possibility of prospering a project that has not being subjected to the specifically created organisms for this purpose and that, among other aims they are compelled to control the preservation of environment".

Source: El Diario, Parana, Argentina, May 27th, 1997.

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