From: To: Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 04:06:35 Subject: Carta a Accionistas de Maxus Priority: normal Organization: Acci'on Ecol'ogica


This last 10th of May [1995], the Board of Directors of Petroecuador made public that oil Company Maxus has caused an enormous lost to the Ecuadorean State Treasury by draining off the oil reserves of the Tivacuno and Bogi-Capir.5on fields, as they didn't deliver any money whatsoever for the 35,000 daily barrils of oil that they extract . This amounts to USD.595,000, which means they steal 12'775,000 barrils that total USD.2l7'175.000 per year.

On the 15th of May, the local newspaper El Comercio informs that Maxus will stay in the country despite this unlawfulness. This desition is unacceptable since their behaviour can be qualified as delinquency and should be sanctioned by Ecuadorean law. Among the damages, the environmental lost should also be considered as well as the crude they have stolen..

These are the results of the damages on the part of the Maxus Company:

The AMAZON FOR LIFE CAMPAIGN had first denounced the presence in the country of CONOCO (Du Pont Subsidiary) in the Oil Block 16 and then of its predecessor Maxus, author of all these illegalities. Considering the present situation we insist in the following:

If you are interested in not being accomplice of this ecocide we urge you to remove your stockhoding from this company.To: Presidence of the Republic of Ecuador; USA Embassy; Argentina Embassy; Maxus in Ecuador and in the USA; YPF Argentina; Contraloria General del Estado, Petroecuador; CONFENIAE; CONAIE; Ministries of: Energy and Mines. Defence; Agriculture; Information and Tourism; INEFAN; CEDENMA; Environment Commission of the Ecuadorean Congress; Maxus Shareholders; oil companies in Ecuador; SKEPHI of Indonesia; CIDDEBENI of Bolivia; Amigransa of Venezuela; national and international news media.

More information: Ivonne Ramos, Ph.&Fx.593-2-547516, E mail: